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Virtual Escort + Girlfriend Experience


My name is AmyLockheart, and I think of myself as a Virtual Escort. I didn't invent that term, but I think I'm the first to use it this way.

Most people would call me a cam girl, cam whore, or worse. And I suppose in the most juvenile (read: ignorant) sense, those labels fit.

But my role goes FAR beyond live "T&A" shows.

Let me back up...

I've been a full-time cam girl since 2002, and like most girls, I NEVER DREAMED I'd be sexing it up on my webcam for a living.

My original plan was to be a school teacher (and my first degree was in Elementary Education). But I started camming in college, and by the time I graduated, I realized that teaching 2nd graders would never be as profitable (or as fun) as camming. So I never went back to the classroom, and I threw all my efforts into webcam modeling.

In the following years, I perfected many advanced camming techniques, fetishes, role plays, etc. But before long, I realized that all my biggest thrills, and all my most ENDEARING CONNECTIONS were coming from just a few guys.

And so while the rest of the adult webcam industry evolved into gangbang-style frenzies – with hundreds of guys in a single chatroom – I went the opposite direction.

Focusing on QUALITY and not QUANTITY, I directed all my time and effort to satisfying just a few loyal 'fans'. And I began building true, earnest online relationships with them. My own, personal version of the Girlfriend Experience, if you will.

Through these intense Girlfriend Experiences, I realized that – in many instances – I was acting more like a therapist, a confidant, or a consultant. Not just a cam girl.

And as crazy as it may seem, those experiences inspired me to go back to college, where I earned degrees in Psychology and Counseling.

Ok, so what's the point!?

The point is yes... I am a cam girl. But I am also more than a cam girl. I provide more than a little "ooh-la-la." I'm a daily confidant. I'm a counselor. I'm a comforter. I'm a nurturer. And I'm the friend (with benefits) you've never had.

So THAT is the context in which I use the term Virtual Escort.

And I invite you to come closer ... to get better acquainted with me ... and to foster an online relationship unlike any you've ever experienced before.

I would like that very much.

The BEST ways to connect with me are via Live Videochat or Telephone – both of which are available through my Fanclub.

You can also introduce yourself (and make a BIG first impression) by sending me a gift.

And of course, you can always email me.

Thank you for reading, and if you'd like to know even MORE about me, please watch the intro video above, check out the Amy-isms page, and explore all the other links in the left-hand column.


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